Ayrton Senna Formula 1 Formula One World Championship

Formula One: Survival Sport for the Richest and Strongest

It is certainly not the ideal principles that govern the world of Formula One, but the logic of the predominance of the stronger and richer is dominating the sport, which in the last two decades has become a multi-billion dollar investment market. Formula One hawks: Red Bull, McLaren, Williams, Mercedes and Ferrari, teams with an annual turnover of 200 million euros, while the rest have only half of the amount; an additional reason that deepens the problems of finding sponsors for races and teams.


In fact, the class overwhelmed the world of Formula One, showing a rich and “poor” class. According to Schmidt, the small teams “can not keep up with the hawks like Ferrari and Ridbol.” Experts estimate the weekly costs for the Formula One teams to reach 1.5 million euros. As well as the cost of technical development that will help you win the winning card in the races. But this aspect remains the preserve of the major teams only.


The Formula One Championship has a great economic and political impact in a number of developed countries. The text is expressed in Twitter because of its economic reflection on the auto industry, its financial revenues through advertising, direct and indirect advertising of types of cars, television transport, Especially for racers, whose design and manufacturing costs are estimated at millions of dollars.

The figures vary according to a number of sources according to the types of cars and international companies manufacturing them, but most talk about the allocation of these companies for annual budgets ranging between more than 120 million four hundred million dollars to manufacture, as well as the result of creating investments for manufacturers and jobs in the companies concerned.


“Formula One sport is overwhelmed by the crisis, but it does not realize it yet,” said Michael Schmidt, a German journalist with the auto, motor und Sport, a sports and motor world. The German journalist adds that the world of Formula One presents itself to the world, much better than it currently does, because it is floundering in many problems, and this is what we see from watching the scene from the inside.

“Michael Schmidt is among the most knowledgeable of this world and the insiders of his caches. But they all refuse to express their views. “With the exception of five teams, most of the teams at the Formula One World Championship are in financial straits, and their presence is threatened at any moment, just like with the rattled HART team,” Schmidt says. Small, and naturally falls into the grip of bankruptcy, but it is very likely to turn bankrupt into a snowball.


Fifty-one drivers were killed while driving cars in the Formula One Championship. The first was the Briton, Cameron Earl, in 1952. The victims were 14 from the United States, 10 from Britain and seven from Italy, four from France, four from Austria, two from Germany and the rest from Germany. Different. The accident that killed the Brazilian driver Ayrton Senna during the San Marino race in 1994 was among the most tragic events that marked the history of the Formula One race.