Everything You Need To Know About Car Camping On Maui

My eyes lit up when I discovered that I could go car camping on Maui. For those that don’t know, Maui is the second-largest Hawaiian island and an absolute paradise land.  The island is so large that getting around it requires assistance on
four wheels. You might even need a beach cart (reviews on this page) if you want to bring stuff around any of its beaches. There is much to explore on Maui, from sandy beaches to amazing five-star hotel resorts, to tourist attractions, Maui is most certainly is a place to go in a car.

But before you go car camping on Maui, take a look at the things that we think are a must-know that will help you better prepare.

Gas is Expensive, But Not That Expensive

Okay, so this headline is somewhat subjective meaning that gas is more expensive on the island than on the mainland. But you got nothing to worry about as gas prices are similar to prices in California.

Different gas stations on the island have different prices, so it’s best that you download the Gas Buddy app to locate the gas stations closest to you. Car camping and driving around the island will take nothing more than $40 to fill up the tank. 

Same Goes For Food

It’s only natural to assume that food prices would be higher on Maui; if we take into consideration the fact that much of the food on the island is being imported from so far away. However, you would be surprised to know that food prices aren’t that high, compared to home.

Food prices on Maui are eighter the same or higher, but certainly, nothing to go bananas over. Grocery shopping isn’t anywhere near as daunting as one would assume you’re going to an island.

With delicious pastries from local bakeries, food for car camping on Maui is simply said, amazing.  

Excellent Campsites, But Few in Numbers

To get to the closes campsite you would need a car, and you can visit this website if you’re thinking about renting a car on the island.

From what we’ve found out about car camping on Maui, many people do it and it’s considered quite common. But for all the people that go car camping on Maui, it’s pretty disappointing that the number of campsites is surprisingly limited. 

Due to the limited number of campsites, a lot of people can be seen car camping in places such as parking lots and beaches, even if the signs tell not to.

However, no car rental service will allow you to car camp on the beach or a parking lot; please have that in mind.

For those few campsites that exist, we can’t tell a bad word about it. There are two federal campsites, the Hosmer Grove Campground, and Kipahulu Campground. Both operate on a first-come, first-served basis, and the former can be quite chilly at night due to its elevation of around 7,000 feet. The latter is located near the beach and can be easily accessed through the highway.

There is one more campground, which is privately owned. The campground is called Camp Olowalu and is located six miles off the town of Lahaina. Do have in mind that Camp Olowalu charges per person, but it proved excellent amenities such as showers and toilets.