The Worst Things You Could Say to a Car Salesperson

There are phrases that will kill a date and a job interview in a heartbeat. There are similar “bombs” that will literally cost you when you’re shopping for a new car, though few statements will actually get you kicked off the car lot. Here are the worst things you could say to a car salesperson […]


5 Things You Should Do To Avoid a Car Accident

Once you get behind the wheel of a vehicle you’re responsible for protecting yourself, those riding with you, and other motorists and pedestrians roaming the streets around you. We all need to watch out for each other to reduce the number of car accidents that occur. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), road traffic […]

Cars Equipment

What To Do When You Damage Your Car Keys

In the hurry of handling different tasks simultaneously our focus drops and we all make silly mistakes we don’t want everybody to know about. It happens to everyone that they lose their car keys and they just cannot find them anywhere. First, there is no shame in this because it happens regularly, and be sure […]

Cars Race

Essential Security Measures On Racing Cars

Some people trade safety for convenience when driving their vehicles. Sometimes, they may choose to forego the use of seat belts or helmets even when driving on a busy road. However, if you’d be joining NASCAR or Formula One Grand Prix, these security measures couldn’t be ignored given the fact that you’d be driving at […]


Check The History Of Your Car

We all know that most of the times cars are being purchased as “used”, and although there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, you should always make sure that you know the entire history of the car before closing up the transaction. Unfortunately, we all know what the reality of the market is, and the […]