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4 Things to Look for When Buying a Dash Cam

Dash cams are cameras that are mounted on the windshield of a car. They used to be reserved exclusively for police vehicles as part of the control panel, but that has changed a lot over time.

Nowadays, more and more civilians are buying dash cams for various reasons, so their popularity is growing. As a result, their choice is expanding, so today you can find a large number of different types of these cameras on the market. But how do you decide which one is best for your needs?

We agree that it can be confusing, but with the right information, the whole process of buying a dash cam will be much easier. In this article, you can read about a few of the most important things to look for when buying a dash cam.

Why do people decide to buy a dash cam?


To begin with, we need to explain why people decide to buy dash cams at all. As we mentioned, these cameras used to be present only in police vehicles, for logical reasons.

Today, however, more and more non-police officers are choosing to install this camera in their vehicles. The first reason is purely adventurous. These cameras are a simple and practical tool that allows you to record all your adventures with your family.

These cameras are set up from a first-person perspective, so they can provide a very interesting way to capture amazing journeys with loved ones that you will watch over and over again over the years.

Another reason why people are increasingly equipping their cars with dash cams is because of increased safety. These cameras provide important evidence in the event of a car accident and can be of great significance.

These cameras record both video and audio and store files on the memory card, so you can be sure that your recordings are completely safe.

Things to look for when buying a dash cam

When you are in the process of buying a dash cam there are a few different criteria to keep in mind. Of course, depending on your needs, some criteria may make more sense than others.

In any case, you need to be aware of what a camera of this type can offer you, and then decide whether some of the mentioned functions are really important to you or a camera that does not have some of them will be enough.

1. Parking mode option


Parking mode is an option you can find at some dash cams on the market. It means the ability for the camera to record certain activities even when the vehicle is parked, or in other words – you can get a video of the activity during the time you were out of the vehicle.

These cameras usually do not turn off completely when you leave the car, but only switch to idle mode. And in situations where something happens and the camera detects that there is movement (for example, in the event of an impact), it turns on again and records the whole event.

If you do not have your own garage, but park your car on the street, or often leave your vehicle in parking lots in the city, this feature can be very important, because it is key evidence in situations where someone damaged your vehicle and you weren’t there.

2. Ultra HD resolution


Another feature of the dash cam that you want to pay special attention to is its resolution. Nowadays, cameras with ultra HD resolution are available, which allow you to take very clean shots and record important details.

And this can be a useful feature if you use this camera to record your travel adventures, but also if an accident occurs. The high-resolution camera will be able to record all vital details, such as text on license plates, traffic signs, and more.

Also, inquire if the dash cam you are considering offers smooth motion. This means that it will be able to make a good shot despite the vibrations of your vehicle and the movement on the road while driving.

At you can find a large offer of different types of dash cams, and at great holiday prices. Consider all the camera features that are important to you, and then choose the one that is an absolute best fit for your needs.

3. Voice control option


Another very useful option that a dash camera can offer is voice control one. This means that you can control the activity of your dash cam completely by using only your voice.

This is a very practical option, as it allows you to operate the camera without the use of hands. And everything that is hands free is always welcome in the vehicle. Every moment when you look away from the road to set something up on your dash cam is a risky moment.

With a camera with voice support, you won’t have to think about things like this. Also, this feature allows you to activate your camera in some emergencies that require a quick response. Always convenient!

4. App connected to the dash cam


And lastly, before buying your new dash cam you will want to think about whether you want your camera to be able to connect to an Android or iOS app. Many cameras on the market today have the ability to connect to mobile devices via Wi-fi or Bluetooth.

With this option, you can much more easily manage your videos and enjoy while watching fun memories with your loved ones. Also, some cameras have an option to send you a notification in the event of an impact when you are not in the vehicle, so you can ensure that you react as soon as possible.


In the past, dash cams were exclusively part of police vehicles, and today an increasing number of non-police officers choose to own them. These cameras allow you to capture wonderful travel memories, but they also provide an extra layer of safety in the event of a car accident. I

f you are considering buying a dash cam for your vehicle, we suggest that you keep in mind the criteria mentioned in order to make the best decision and buy a camera that is perfect fit for your needs.