Top 10 Steering Wheel Covers

While driving, the steering wheel is definitely the place you touch the most and therefore damage can occur over time. This is especially the case if the steering wheel is not properly maintained, so that the material of which the cover is made can very easily lose its initial properties. We think of gloss, color and overall appearance.

Simple, even if you maintained it properly, years of use can lead to damage, cracks, fading and even disintegrated small pieces. The fact is that at some point, repair or replacement must occur. We have decided to help you with the second case and recommend some new steering wheel covers. The following list we have prepared contains the top 10 covers currently available in 2019. So, if you’re ready, let’s make your steering wheel shining again.

10. COFIT Breathable and Non-Slip Microfiber Leather Steering Wheel Cover

If you are concerned about whether the new steering wheel cover will fit properly or not, we can tell you that this one by COFIT is the ideal solution. This is a universal cover so it will surely fit your car. You can also choose among four different designs and colors: beige, black, gray or perhaps a luxurious variant with crystals. A wide selection is available so you can fully customize the steering wheel to suit your style.

As for the quality of workmanship, we can say that it is top notch. The material used to make it does not slip, which is very important during the ride. Also, this steering wheel cover is completely resistant to temperature change so you don’t have to adjust to heat or cold. In terms of price, we can say that this is one of the more affordable products that we will mention today. It is currently possible to order it on Amazon for $16.

9. Nasibo Car Steering Wheel Cover, Black

If you need a steering wheel cover that is very easy to install, then our recommendation is this by Nasibo. In addition, we believe that driving performance and quality are what matters most. Well, all that Nasibo steering wheel cover has to offer.

It does not slip and has a very fine surface that is really comfortable and gives a nice ride. In addition, it is versatile so you can fit it in most cars as it supports 14.5- and 15-inches steering wheels. Nasibo also guarantees that this cover has great resistance and quality workmanship so you don’t have to worry when it comes to scratches, damage, sweat or oil as this one is resistant to all of this. In terms of price, it’s currently available for about $15 on Amazon.

8. A-Lighting Ethnic Style Car Steering Wheel Cover

The right product to buy if you want to improve the interior of your car but also the handling is this ethnic style steering wheel cover by A-Lighting. If you thought there was some lighting, this is unfortunately not the case. However, it is made of fine linen that is still very durable and resistant to shock, sweat, moisture, wear, but at the same time very comfortable to handle.

It can be said it is universal because can fit on all steering wheels up to 15 inches. Also, it should be noted that installation is very easy and it will only take you a few minutes. In terms of price, it’s a little more expensive than other products, but still very affordable for only $20.

7. Dee-Type 15-Inch Leather Steering Wheel Cover, Black & White

Another universal, better to say, 15-inch steering wheel compatible cover comes from Dee-Type. We must immediately emphasize that the price is $23 or $24 depending on which design you choose. We know, it looks a lot more expensive compared to some of the previous models, but we assure you it’s top quality. As for color, you can choose from black, white, brown and red.

At first glance, you can conclude that it has a very elegant finish that provides great ride comfort. However, this doesn’t mean that it is not durable as it can easily beat grease, sweat, knocks, scratches and intensive everyday use. All in all, the Dee-Type cover will give you really high quality and long-lasting value for money.

6. Car Pass Classical Leather Universal Car Steering Wheel Cover

Like all the models we talked about before, this one is universal and will fit undoubtedly with over 90% of cars on the market. It comes in four color variants and you can choose from black, brown, beige and gray. Also, it is important to note that the installation is very simple and the quality of workmanship is really top notch.

Everyday use, grease, temperature differences, a Car Pass steering wheel cover is completely resistant to all of this. It is made of non-slip PVC leather which is very important for safe driving. The interesting thing is that when you buy this cover, you get as much as two years a warranty on a product that costs $17. Isn’t that great?

5. Valleycomfy 15-Inch Steering Wheel Cover, Black with Lines

Are you looking for a slightly more luxurious steering wheel cover? How about this one by Valleycomfy which is made of genuine leather. Despite this fact, the price is quite affordable because you can get it for about $22 on Amazon. The main feature is the thickness, which indicates the quality and durability of everyday intensive use.

It is also resistant to various substances and abrasions and is quite easy to install. Also, compatibility is one of the main features and the Valleycomfy cover can fit on all steering wheels from 14.5 to 15 inches.

4. Mayco Bell 15-inch Car Steering Wheel Cover

This steering wheel cover by Mayco Bell may be something you’re looking for. If you drive a car that supports a 15-inch steering wheel, this might be the right one for you.

In addition to the default high quality workmanship, this cover features a very large range of colors so you can combine blue, white, red, beige and gray with black, and there is also an all-black variant. One very important feature is that if you make it dirty in some way, you will be able to clean it very easily. The current price on Amazon is around $15.

3. Rueesh Heavy Duty Leather Vehicle Steering Wheel Cover

Another extremely high quality and reliable product is this steering wheel cover by Rueesh. Thanks to high-end genuine leather, this cover is resistant to wear and daily intensive use.

It is also very easy to maintain and clean and, unlike some other products, doesn’t have a characteristic odor when you unpack it for a first time. As for the price, it can be found on Amazon for about $16.

2. BDK 13.5-15.5-inch Genuine Leather Car Steering Wheel Cover

So far, we have mentioned two covers made of genuine leather, so we are adding one more made of this material to the list. This one by BDK is very reliable and comfortable and we especially need to emphasize double stitched reinforcement.

It also offers the widest range for mounting because it is compatible with 13.5 to 15.5 inches steering wheels. It is available in three colors: white, black and beige. The price is really affordable and you can find it for about $15.

1. SEG Direct Microfiber Leather Auto Steering Wheel Cover, Black

Lastly, a great steering wheel cover for anyone who wants to protect the environment. This cover is made of microfiber leather which is completely eco-friendly but also great for maintenance. It makes this cover resistant to various substances, heat, but also very stylish which is important for the interior of the vehicle. The SEG Direct cover is suitable for all 14.5 to 15-inch steering wheels and is currently priced around $16.

Lastly, we would like to add that all of the above-mentioned products are of high quality and fit almost all modern cars. So now it’s up to you to choose the right one for your machine. The choice is really good.