Things You Need To Know About Spark Plug

You don’t have to be a car specialist to understand the significance of a spark plug. Well, it is used to ignite electricity to start the engine. Therefore, this little tool is quite essential.

If a spark plug of a car is in a healthy condition, then it will start the vehicle without any trouble. Reversely, if the spark plug has aged or got rusted, then you will have a lot of a hard time in sorting the problem. If you wish to know more about the spark plug available in the market, you can refer to this link.

This post is all about a spark plug and some critical notes related to it. Stay tuned to have a clearer vision on the subject.

There are various things that you must know about a spark plug starting from what exactly does it do and symptoms that it needs a change. Let’s take a comprehensive look:

#1. What Does A Spark Plug Do?

You can consider spark plugs as the smallest bolt of lightning. It is responsible for starting a car as the electricity that it emits go across a small gap and thus create ignition of combustion — the car powers up as soon as the engine’s piston comes in motion.
Spark plugs are capable of withstanding heat and pressure within the cylinders, and they are so built that they can burn off the deposits from all kind of contaminants.
If there is no spark plug, then a car won’t start. Also, the health of a spark plug is directly linked to the performance of the engine. A weak plug might cause the problems of misfires during acceleration or cold start. Also, the car is not able to sustain maximum power.

#2. When To Change Spark Plug?

A spark plug that is in good shape makes sure the engine performs well. It is not common for a spark plug to reach a place where they require a replacement. They can endure harshest temperature conditions. However, the symptoms of a spark plug going fritz are below:
• Hard Starting: Under the demanding conditions that a spark plug works, it is not uncommon for it to get soiled or become dirty. This directly relates to the depleted performance of the engine, especially while starting the car in the morning time.
• Rough Idling: Sometimes, you observe the car to be idling roughly. This could be due to a faulty spark plug. These tools are to provide a consistent supply of energy to the engine. If failing in doing so then it means the spark plug has gone fritz.
• Poor Performance: If the vehicle is giving you a hard time picking up the race as you press the accelerator then also you should immediately check the spark plug.
• Fuel Economy is Sagging: A weak spark plug can profoundly impact the consumption of gas and fuel. If you have observed the need of filling up the tank going up then get the spark plug replaced.

#3. How to Change Spark Plug?

Changing a spark plug is not as simple as the other automotive maintenance tasks. If you don’t know how to do it right then better ask a mechanic to do it for you.
• Make sure that no hoses or components are hindering your access to a spark plug installation position.
• Pull up the ignition coil electrical connector to disconnect it.
• Now, remove the coil hold-down bolt to remove the entire boot assembly so that you can see the old spark plug.
• Make sure to clean the area around and unscrew the plug with a socket wrench.
• Check and adjust the gap before installing the new tool.
• Install the new plug using a torque wrench and finish it all by placing a drop of lube in the boot before you reassemble.

#4. Spark Plug Brands

• AC Delco: They are the leading and decades-old suppliers and known for manufacturing Professional Iridium plugs.
• Bosch: Another fantastic yet affordable brand that largely fortifies the performance and efficiency of engine.
• NGK: They are known for manufacturing most durable and corrosion-resistant plus for improved fuel economy.


A spark plug is an essential component of a car engine. Keeping it in the bet working condition is vital. Usually, it is uncommon for this tool to stop working, but above are some of the reasons when it needs a replacement. Discover the method of changing a spark plug and your car will never have performance issues.