Save Time And Money – Cycle To Work!

Have you ever given it a thought to avoid the rush hour traffic jams, those rapidly increasing gas prices, car maintenances and also at the same time you want to burn that belly fat, get fitter and burn those extra calories- the solution without a doubt is riding a bicycle to work.

There must be a cyclist on your route to office or surroundings, which would have made you wonder of bicycle commuting, although taking into account those undeniable positive reasons, there is never a perfect time to start.

But if you are here reading this, we have provided a list of benefits that might just give you the right amount of motivation it requires and gets you rolling- 

Biking for your heart


Biking is one of the best cardiovascular exercises that get the heart pumping resulting in strengthening of the heart muscle, lowering the pulse and also decreases the chances of developing a Type – 2 diabetes.

It can help to reduce stress, alleviates anxiety, improves daily sleep and comprehensively enhance the state of mind.

Beat the traffic


Time is Money and literally, no one wants to get stuck in traffic jams for long hours especially when you woke up late and need to rush to the office or had a tiring day at work and just want to get back home as soon as possible. 

A Bicycle is a go-to option not only for saving time but also beating the traffic, avoiding delays in public transportation, saving money on toll booths and also not to forget saving that time spent to find that perfect parking spot every morning. 

Lower stress on joints

There are a bunch of daily exercises to choose from, but most of them can be harder in the long run. Cycling is a low impact exercise and does not put much strain on the bones and joints.

For many people, electric bicycles can be a life-changing experience as just like every field, technology has revolutionized the cycling world – for more details about electric bikes, click here.

Just a simple plug-in at night and it can provide support with almost double the normal power of peddling, helping you to reach far distances easier and the experience is much more joyful than an ordinary bicycle and thus much lower stress on the joints. 


According to Forbes, electric bicycle sales raised to 91 percent in the US alone from 2016 to 2017 and the market worth is estimated to reach a whopping $39 Billion by 2025.

Do it for the planet


Reduce your carbon footprint on earth as cycling produces Zero carbon pollution, hence it is hailed as the most environment friendly means of transport on the planet.  

A bicycle can surely replace your car or public transport for shorter journeys and result in more cyclists on the road which can lead to developed infrastructure for promoting to cycle in safer environments.

And also it will decrease air pollution and the population will be much healthier.

Safety measurements


Prevention is better than cure, thus safety should be the utmost priority while thinking of cycling to work. 

All protective gear, padding and a helmet should be taken into consideration and also one must obey all the traffic laws and should pre-plan the safest bicycle route to the workplace.

Thus the time has come to finally riding a bicycle to work, but still begin with an achievable distance and frequency at first and maybe find a co-worker to join the league. 

You may start with an easy test run on weekends to calculate how much time it takes to reach the office on an easy pace, and also do learn how to change a flat tire!