5 Reasons Why You Should Own An E-Bike

Ever come across an e-bike, fallen in love, and wondered why you should own one? These e-bikes are famous for their tech features and obvious advantage over conventional bikes. But they are often bought for several reasons.

Aside from helping the planet transition to a more eco-friendly era, e-bikes do a lot more than that. Is it about the price? Mobility? Convenience? Or perhaps the raw joy of being able to ride an e-bike after years of using a conventional bike?

In this article, we will show you five reasons why you should buy and own an e-bike as soon as possible!

Great Mobility

If you’re a conventional cyclist, you may argue with us about this reason, but hear us out first. Mobility is indeed a typical quality for bikes, electric or conventional. But for e-bikes, mobility is upgraded and improved, and let us tell you why.

Mobility is improved since many people are not trained as triathlons and professional cyclists capable of reaching 50 kilometers or more in the distance. Physical limitations are evident with traditional bikes but not with e-bikes.

With e-bikes, you can cover more than 3x of distance than traditional bikes since you’re being assisted in real-time with a capable electric motor. These assisting motors apply force to the wheels, so you won’t have to pedal so much.

E-bikes are also capable of covering areas very hard to go to with traditional bikes, such as steep hills, mountain ranges, and high-altitude destinations, giving you greater mobility. E-bikes are also quicker, helping you go from point A to point B with no problems whatsoever.

Plus, you can also dock your e-bike in your car if you decide you want to go on a countryside ride with your friends. No hassles; just dock your e-bike like you would dock a traditional bike.

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You might have heard this too much already, but this is one of the most important reasons why you should own an e-bike, especially if you love the environment and you care about its occupants.

E-bikes are electric-powered, not gas-powered. In this case, your e-bike doesn’t burn fuel that transforms into carbon dioxide that pollutes the environment. Compared to gas-powered cars, e-bikes can be as mobile as a car yet don’t pollute the environment at the same level.

You might wonder how eco-friendly e-bikes are and at what level they are eco-friendly compared to electric cars, let us tell you why: it comes down to factory production.

Electric cars have larger bodies and larger batteries, which means they need more materials only factories can produce. And we all know that creating metal, plastics, and battery components is not that eco-friendly since they employ the use of machines and materials that emit harmful gasses.

So, in this case, an e-bike wins against an electric car since lesser materials need to be produced, further lessening the impact on the environment by reducing the carbon footprint of producing e-bikes.

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Cost is probably the most sought-after concern with e-bikes, with people asking if they’re expensive, are replacement parts expensive, are there insurance or registrations involved. And those questions are okay since those things really require money.

First, e-bikes are expensive, and we’ll be real honest about that. E-bikes are costly because they can cost 2x or 3x the money you would need to buy a good traditional bike. The good thing about this is you’re paying for the technology added to the bike, and that prices are starting to come down thanks to increasing demand.

You’re also paying for pedal-assist technology in the form of a battery pack, a power-regulating unit, an electric motor, and a bike computer that gives you information on how your e-bike is doing. These tech features are really worth the money since it gives you greater mobility and convenience.

Replacement parts are relatively expensive too, but they shouldn’t cost you like parts of an electric or gas-powered car. The perks? Replacement parts are easy to find, and you can install them yourself, provided you’ve already got to know your e-bike.

The best thing? Insurance and registrations are not needed. Some states will probably require registrations for e-bikes that reach incredible speeds, but it’s not common. Insurance is also not required, but we recommend buying one so you can be protected.

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No Traffic

Yes, you heard that right. There is no traffic or whatsoever with e-bikes. Sure, you may have seen some cyclists line up in a bike lane, but those are usually caused by cars blocking the lane.

So why is there no traffic with e-bikes? It’s simple: they’re smaller and easy to maneuver in traffic situations. Ever wondered why traffic is ordinary in metropolitan areas? It’s because few people use many cars, and cars take up space.

Traffic is lessened by improving mass transport and using smaller modes of transportation, such as traditional bikes and e-bikes. E-bikes take up significantly less road space than cars, and in this way, a single-lane road can accommodate more than 3x people riding an e-bike than people with cars.

Plus, e-bikes can seamlessly and effortlessly skim through traffic since they are small and can fit through the space between two cars on a double-lane road. However, we don’t promote doing this if your state deems this a violation of traffic laws and if it’s clearly unsafe to do.

Low Maintenance

People love low-maintenance things, and it’s something we also love. After all, who doesn’t love not needing to check everything out in a vehicle but it still works really great? For e-bikes, this is a reality.

Not only are they low maintenance, but they are also easy to maintain once they need them. Just like traditional bikes, you just need to check up on the chains to see if they work well, and check up on the sprockets, pedals, handlebars, and brakes.

The electric motor and batteries don’t need maintenance that much, and once they need one, you just need to get them checked up by a qualified technician for a reasonable price—a price still significantly lower than car maintenance costs.

If you’re a qualified technician, then all are free except for replacement parts that you need to buy if it’s really needed. The good thing about e-bikes is that replacement parts are also easy to find and buy.

You can just go online and search online for the replacement parts for your particular model, and there will be shops that can deliver the parts to your doorstep, or you can go to their store. The bottom line is, parts are always available and ready to be bought—convenient, isn’t it?