How Not To Get Into An Accident – Tips From Experienced Drivers

When a novice motorist has a question, how not to get into an accident, the advice of experienced drivers can help in its decision. The fact is that even strict observance of traffic rules does not guarantee the absence of emergency situations. Traffic has many participants (drivers and pedestrians), and therefore unforeseen circumstances can occur. Despite the complexity of ensuring accident-free driving, there are a number of unwritten rules that can reduce the likelihood, if not completely avoid accidents.



What is the difference between an experienced driver and a novice driver? Both know the rules of the road, but do not behave on the road in the same way. The driver with experience develops intuition – he is able to predict the behavior of other road users and pedestrians in complex and simple situations. Over the years, a quick reaction, when the decision is made instantly, at the level of reflex.

“Newly-made” owners will acquire the necessary skills over time, and in the initial period some recommendations will help. First of all, it is necessary to clearly understand that you can start driving only on the car, which is in perfect technical condition. Before leaving you should thoroughly check it, especially the brakes and lighting.

Getting behind the wheel of the car, it is necessary to remember about such basic rules:

  • Confidence. You should not “wind yourself up” with inexperience. The driving license is received honestly, and therefore you can safely drive the car, observing all the traffic rules. Excessive uncertainty in your abilities creates a danger to other drivers.
  • Physical condition. You should not drive during an illness, after taking medications, which can reduce reaction time, as well as in a heightened state of excitement.
  • Respect to all participants of traffic. You should pay special attention to pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists.
  • Attention. You must not be distracted from the road while driving. Extremely dangerous to use a cell phone. Talking with passengers and loud music can be distracting.

It is important to understand that there are different types of drivers in general traffic. There may be overly cautious people or reckless drivers, the same inexperienced drivers, etc. It is necessary to try to foresee their behavior in advance and take your own measures in time. You can not hope that only experienced drivers are driving on the road.



No one is immune from an accident, but also to consider that it is an inevitable evil for any motorist is impossible. There are many drivers who have been driving without serious accidents for decades. In this, they are helped by simple, but effective rules, which are simply necessary to know for the beginning motorists.


Many inexperienced drivers are afraid of the flow of cars that is characteristic of modern cities. However, it is not a large number of cars that is dangerous, but the difference in speeds of individual participants. The opinion that moving slowly will save you from an accident is completely wrong, as well as attempts to pull over to the side of the road. Moving at a slow speed causes other drivers to need to maneuver, which is quite difficult to enforce in the flow of traffic.

As noted in, driving close to the curb does not reduce the risk of accidents, but rather the opposite. On the side of the road, you are more likely to meet undisciplined pedestrians and cyclists, and standing vehicles also create problems. The conclusion is simple – you should move in a common stream with an average speed of cars in it. In other words, the first piece of advice is to act in the flow, like everyone else.



A safe distance to the car ahead is the ABC for a beginner driver. It is not called an airbag for anything. This distance should allow it to stop in due time at emergency braking. It depends on the speed of movement. On a wet road, it should be increased at least by one-third.


You may meet with the most different motorists on the road. The huge danger is represented by drunk drivers and inadequate drivers. If the car ahead of you “roars” on the highway, you must be extremely careful. Such transport, if possible, you need to overtake quickly and move away from it. However, this option is dangerous when overtaking. More often, an inexperienced driver, on the contrary, slows down, giving an opportunity to move away from “inadequate driving”.

Daredevils and simple car hooligans are not less dangerous. You should not compete with them in speed. It is important for this contingent to occupy the leftmost lane of the road, and therefore you should not get on it. It is best to drive in the center lane.



The mirrors in the automobile are installed not for beauty. They help to estimate the situation behind and to the side of the car. You should use them before making any maneuver. It is especially important to look in the left mirror when trying to make a left turn. Even on a deserted road, a speeding driver can appear unexpectedly, going to overtake.


A lot of accidents happen when a car is turning, changing lanes, or stopping. Quite often the reason is quite trivial – the maneuver was performed without turning on the turn signal. You can not count on the fact that the car is behind excellent brakes, and the driver has an instantaneous reaction. It is necessary to warn him about the maneuver with headlights at the proper time. Often, accidents happen when a car is changing lanes to stop or exiting without turning on its blinkers.



In the city, regardless of the speed of travel, a great danger is caused by the unpredictable behavior of pedestrians, especially children. The driver must always be prepared for the fact that a person on the side of the road may suddenly start crossing the road, jump out onto the roadway, run. The area of increased danger is a public transport stop. Pedestrians can jump out from behind a bus from any side, and therefore when approaching a standing transport it is better to be reinsured and to reduce speed.

Unfortunately, other drivers also have poor discipline. It is difficult to stop quickly when the owner or a passenger comes out of the parked car on the roadway. Particular attention to the “zebra”. Here the pedestrian feels like a master and can afford any actions.


Many motorists know how many accidents happen at traffic lights and crossroads. When approaching it, you need to slow down. The car ahead may brake sharply at a light switch or the appearance of an undisciplined pedestrian. An inexperienced driver often does not have time to react and runs into him.

It is better to approach a traffic light in the middle lane, where there is less chance of meeting with a careless pedestrian, and it is easier to react when you see the beginning of his movement. It is undesirable to cross the traffic light zone among the first or last, as the risk of collision with violators increases. In the first case there is a high probability of “meeting” with those who have decided to skip the intersection already after switching the green light, and in the second – with those who are too in a hurry and started driving on a yellow light.

In general, a tip for a novice driver – you should not be at an intersection at all when the traffic light is yellow. You may simply lack the experience to assess the actual traffic situation. It’s better to wait out another traffic light cycle.



Driving a car requires the incorporation of intuition. A person must constantly monitor the behavior of other road users, to anticipate their possible maneuvers. For example, a small tossing of the car indicates that he may start to change, because he does not like something ahead. Resolute facial expression of the driver in the car behind may indicate the desire to definitely overtake (possibly with a violation of the traffic rules).

There is an important piece of advice for inexperienced drivers – beware of cab drivers. In the city, they are able to make mind-boggling, unpredictable maneuvers. It is not worth anything for them to “cut off” the car, seeing a potential client on the side of the road. This movement should be especially feared.