Formula 1 Grand Prix

F1 Hosted Festivals in 2019

A new piece of information about Formula 1 fan festivals has emerged. Four more festivals will be hosted during the year 2019.

The first of those three will be a street demonstration hosted in Shanghai. It will be organized before the championship event some are calling the Chinese Grand Prix. This will be the 1,000th championship. On the F1 2019 calendar, we can see that it will be organized on the 14th of April.

Other two festivals will be organized in the North American peninsula. First one in the United States. More exactly in Chicago. It will serve as some kind of build-up to the Montreal`s Canadian Grand Prix.

The second one will take place in LA, California. This one will serve as a warm-up as a US Grand Prix, which will occur in November in Texas.

This will be the first time that F1 has something organized in Chicago, Illinois. On the other hand, California was the host of two Grand Prix happenings, Riverside road circuit, and the Long Beach street circuit.

The fourth fan festival will take place in Rio de Janeiro during the weekend of the Brazilian Grand Prix. Between the 1978 and 1989, the championship of the world was held in Rio de Janeiro, at the Jacarepagua circuit. Now, it has been moved to Sao Paulo. The Jacarepagua circuit was destroyed because of the modernization of infrastructure for Olympic games held in 2016.