Should You Buy New or Used off-Road Motorcycle

The dilemma to pick between a used off-road motorcycle or a brand new off-road motorcycle is one that every buyer goes through. Therefore, listing out the pros and cons that come along with each of these two decisions enables a strategic way to cancel out the option which wouldn’t comply with your personal needs. Many times, the majority of us end up purchasing a product without reading up on the product and doing some valuable research on it. Due to this very reason of the customer’s ignorance, their satisfaction levels drop after making the purchase.

On that note, let us dive further ahead to get some basic insight on the boons and banes that come along with purchasing a new motorcycle as well as a used off-road motorcycle.

Advantages of a used off-road motorcycle


A flexible price range, especially if you are making the purchase on a budget, is the perfect advantage to buying a used off-road motorcycle. This helps you save out on quite some money that could be utilized for other purposes, which could include customization of the motorcycle or on installation or repairs. Another notable advantage of purchasing a used motorcycle is the fact that it is perfect for new drivers. More often than not, drivers who have recently secured their license or are in the process of learning, end up damaging their vehicle or getting bored of learning or riding it around. Purchasing a used off-road motorcycle would not be as much of a waste of money as opposed to it being bought brand new.

To top that advantage off, it is easier to negotiate the price of a used motorcycle as opposed to a new motorcycle. Since the new motorcycles are mostly sold at a fixed price, it is hard to negotiate in the showroom. However, negotiating with a dealer would help secure a better deal for a lower price. If negotiation is something you are looking for, then is one great place for it. A large number of people as of now tend to dispose of the new models of motorcycles that they purchase within a year of their use. The reason behind them doing so could be plenty. However, this poses a huge pro for customers as they can get their hands on one of the latest models for quite a handsome price.

Disadvantages of a used off-road motorcycle


Apart from the various advantages we mentioned earlier, purchasing a used off-road motorcycle does come with some cons too. One major disadvantage of purchasing a used bike is the age of the bike. A bike that has been used for more than 2 years has a lesser efficiency. Sadly, not all dealerships declare the age of the bike honestly. This could pose a problem in the long run. Another disadvantage to adding to this includes the history of the bike. The history of the bike includes the accidents it may have gotten into, the repairs that it may have needed over time, and so on. Many individuals who sell their old motorcycles do not disclose these facts. This could probably be due to them not wanting to miss out on their chance of selling their vehicle.

Some owners of bikes tend to sell their motorcycle for the purpose of it not being used for a long span of time. Due to it not being used, its efficiency automatically is reduced. Thus a bike that was bought a few years back, yet wasn’t ridden much could be a cause of issue for the new owner. The same can be said about bikes that are driven too much. Many owners of motorcycles tend to sell outdated motorcycles. Due to this very same reason, the new owner may find it hard to maintain the vehicle. This mostly would pose an issue when trying to find spare parts. Installation of spare parts is also hard as the person doing the process must be well equipped with the different procedures.

Advantages of a new off-road motorcycle


Riding a new motorcycle is stress-free due to the owner having full faith in the vehicle functioning perfectly fine. The vehicle would be brand new, hence meaning that the product is physically in its best form. Choosing the latest model is another advantage that comes along with buying a new motorcycle. The customer also has a better choice when it comes to buying a new motorcycle. This includes the motorcycle consisting of better technology. To top off the advantages, the safety aspect that comes along with purchasing a new motorcycle is quite high, unless the piece involves a manufacturing defect. The occurrence of this is very rare.

Disadvantages of a new off-road motorcycle


The main disadvantage that comes along with purchasing a new set of wheels is the high cost that comes along with it. Unfortunately, selling the product in the future would not generate the same price as the motorcycle currently costs. With technology advancing at a very fast rate, newer models are constantly flowing into the market. Thus, if one is looking to secure a deal based on the model, the model shall be outdated sooner than expected. Many times, the new models require a higher charge for servicing. They also come with parts that cost more. For this very reason, the installation and repairing of a new vehicle would be a costly affair.

Summing it up

Making the decision on purchasing a new motorcycle or a used motorcycle could be quite confusing. However, if the basic pros and cons are looked into, the decision-making process eases itself out. From a holistic perspective, the advantages in technology, as well as safety, tend to lean more on the side of purchasing a new motorcycle. However, the advantage of price and receiving a higher return on investment would encourage a buyer to go in for a used motorcycle. On that note, hope these points will help ease your decision whenever you decide to purchase your off-road motorcycle.