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2020 BMW 7 Series – News and Updates

The first time people set eyes on the full-size 7 Series luxury sedan was back in 1977 when BMW presented this car to the public. The sixth generation arrived three years ago and it has been confirmed that the refreshed model will arrive soon. A test vehicle has been spotted with camouflage at the Nurburgring.

Soon, the new 7 Series is going to be revealed, but BMW still needs to handle some things to prepare this car for the big introduction. Below, you can see what to expect from this vehicle, once it hits the market.

2020 BMW 7 Series Design

Not a lot of things have been changed at the front end of the car. But the front fascia now looks much better and more upscale than before. This can be seen clearly by looking at the cutouts around the air intakes and the larger air dam opening. The official headlights and taillights are still here, but we finally managed to catch a glimpse of the fresh chrome trim around the windows and side mirrors.

As it is the case with a BMW refresh, there are just a few tweaks of the exterior so that the buyers have a feeling that they are buying a new car, but there will be nothing extravagant. Let’s not forget that we are dealing with the M model, as far as it can be seen. The hood appears different than before, and the front end seems larger as well.

The kidney grille will most likely get the standard active air vents for better aerodynamics, which also spans to the better fuel efficiency. As for the rear end, taillight housings are different and some LED lighting elements will be added as well.


Not much is different once you set foot inside the car. According to the spy photos, the new 7 Series cabin isn’t different from the interior of the BMW’s predecessor and there are broad horizontal surfaces that stretch from door to door, which means that the passengers will have a feeling that the cabin is wider than it actually is.

Clearly visible is the primary infotainment screen that has slightly over ten inches, but there is also a pair of HVAC vents as well as a set of hard buttons and knobs. Yes, there are some similarities to the ongoing model, but the new 2020 BMW 7 Series will bring a lot of novelties the buyers will be excited about. One of these is the new steering wheel design with a three-spoke layout.

Let’s not forget about the new gauge cluster that is located in the back of the steering wheel. For 2020, BMW decided to go all-digital with the cluster, and the drivers will have a look at a large rectangular screen.

There will be a lot of onboard tech inside the new car such as Apple CarPlay support, Amazon Alexa for extra vehicle-to-home and home-to-vehicle features, a full-color heads-up display, Bluetooth support, gesture control, etc.


The engine line is going to remain unchanged and it will be carried over from the current model. However, the units will be tuned up and they will deliver more horsepower than in the ongoing versions of the car.

The base 740i model will be packed with a turbocharged 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder that currently produces 320 horsepower, which means that for 2020, we expect around 335 horsepower. Meanwhile, the 750i will use a twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 unit instead of the V6 it had before. The new powerplant will produce around 465 hp in the 2020 BMW 7 Series. Once again, the German manufacturer will offer RWD as standard, whereas AWD will be an option for all of those who prefer this configuration.

The hybrid exists as well, and it is the 7 Series 740e, which has a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder and electric motor combo good for 322 horsepower.

Price for 2020 BMW 7 Series

The 2020 BMW 7 Series will finish production in March of 2019. The price should stay more or less the same and the base 740i model starts at $83,650. If you want to buy the V8-powered 750i, you should set aside $96,950. The hybrid model costs $90,700 while the top-range model sells for $156,700.