Waterproof Mg Cover

Test: Cars are not easy to use?

The so-called “car clothes”, as the name suggests, is the clothes of the car. When the vehicle is parked, put the car on the car, in addition to dust, sun, rain, snow, corrosion, delay the aging of the paint, but also anti-scratch, anti-theft please use . However, the shortcomings of the clothing are also quite obvious. For example, it is difficult to divide before and after, and it takes time and effort; for example, after the clothes are dirty, it is a pity to lose, and no trouble to clean; for example, the clothes occupy the place and take up two-thirds of the luggage compartment. Is it really troublesome to use the car? All-media reporters selected the most popular full-faced car clothing on the market for a four-month use test.


Buy a car: pay attention to the model number

Buying a car, the e-commerce channel is the fastest. Enter “car clothes” in the search box, you can get more than 6,000 businesses and nearly 700,000 models to choose from, ranging from 49 yuan to 599 Yuan. The most common dresses are full-faced, and the full-faced dress is divided into two types: zippered and without zipper. After the car is covered, the zippered garment can open the cockpit and take things from it; without the zipper, you need to remove the car to open the door. Most of the waterproof mg cover are made of PVC material with anti-UV coating, which is dustproof, waterproof and resistant to slight scratching. The inner material of the garment needs attention, it must be soft material.


The thicker the soft material, the better the protection effect, but the higher the price. How much is the price of the car to buy? Do you need a zipper? Do you need to thicken the protective layer? It depends on the individual needs and frequency of use. Need to be reminded that the weight of the clothing is proportional to the thickness of the protective layer, and the protective layer is not as thick as possible, which will increase the difficulty of use.The car has different sizes. Note that the same model will have different styles of hatchback, sedan and wagon. To enter the specific model, you can ensure that the purchased car can be used.


Use: one return and two cooked

The first time I used the car, it was a bit difficult. The clothes are not light and need to be rubbed with both hands; after spreading, the area is very large; when wrapped together, it is difficult to distinguish between front and rear, half-loaded, only to know that the reverse is installed; loading the clothes requires “opening the bow”, if it is two people, then It’s very easy, but there is only one person who needs to run around the car many times.


There are two testers, one male and one female. Every time the vehicle is used, the driver must cover the car, no matter how late. Every time you put on your car, you are working alone, regardless of whether you have a companion. After each cover of the car, you must tie the “skirt” of the car to avoid being “smashed” by the wind. The first time you use the car is the longest time: the male tester takes about 15 minutes and the female tester takes about 18 minutes.


The good news is that once you get back, you get cooked twice, and as your frequency of use increases, your time is constantly being shortened. After 30 uses a month, the male tester can complete the whole process in 3 minutes. The female tester is slightly longer, about 5 minutes. The environment, light and space can have a direct impact on the loading and unloading process. The most ideal condition for the cover is: the wind is beautiful, the daytime, the light, and the surrounding area are empty. If each condition is not met, it will take 2 minutes to load and unload.

Cleaning: It’s really a hassle

Every time you use it, there will be attachments on the clothes, the most common being dust, leaves and bird droppings. Dust can be pretended not to be seen, leaves can be removed by hand, but bird droppings are more troublesome. Bird droppings fall directly on the roof and can be washed off by car wash. Bird droppings on the clothes and cleaning the clothes are more troublesome than washing the car. This must be acknowledged.

The car is too big, the household washing machine can’t be inserted; even if the washing machine is cleaned, there is no place to dry. In this test, the testers used the most traditional method of cleaning – hand washing. Call a bucket of water, find a slightly empty place, spread the clothes, clean the dirty areas, and simply remove the dust in the rest. After cleaning, cover the car to the car for drying.After the wind and rain, do not immediately store the wet and dirty clothes directly in the trunk, which will not only wet the tail of the tank, but also breed bacteria and pollute the compartment. During the test, two testers placed the wet coat on the tail of the boot, and after a week, the coat did not change, and there was no sign of “dry”.

How much car wash can you save?

Before using the car, the car wash frequency is once a week; after using the car, the car wash frequency is reduced to once a month. A single car wash is calculated at 30 yuan, and you can save 90 yuan per month. During the four months of the test, it was difficult to determine whether the garment was avoided. But it is certain that after using the car, the small scratches and small scrapes of the car body did not increase.