Tips For Buying A Car Without Title In 2020
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Tips For Buying A Car Without Title In 2021

Driving a car without a title is risky. The owner may come up one day and claim it since you’ve got no legal claims to it. Another frightening aspect is that selling the car will be nearly impossible because you can’t transfer ownership to a buyer.

So, the question is, will you ignore that beautiful combination of steel you’ve just noticed in that garage? Or are you going to do something about it? Thankfully, you can still be the proud owner of that car if you follow our tips in this article.

Many people usually shy away from buying cars without a title. They sometimes believe that some illegal dealings are surrounding it. First, you have to know that it’s not every state that upholds the transference of car title in the sale. Some states don’t have any laws like that, and cars from such a place will usually come without titles. Also, a car owner may have lost, misplaced, or damaged the car title. So, not all cars without a title are stolen. However, you can still take some steps to ensure that it’s a good buy. 

First, visit a VHR website and check the legal status of the vehicle. If the car belongs to someone who is lying about some essential details such as mileage, previous accidents, you can avoid it. Secondly, contact the DMV office in the state and ask them to provide every information on the car. With just the VIN, you’ll get everything you need. Lastly, run the VIN through the NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau). That will tell you if it is a stolen car.

So, after confirming that the car is a good investment, you can do the following to get a title:

Apply online
  • Yes, you can complete the process online in the comfort of your home. All you have to do is Visit the official website of the State Dept. of Motor Vehicles in your State.
  • Search for the link to the replacement of the title page. 
  • Follow the instructions and complete the form

Many states may require that you notarize the application. If that’s the case for you, you must do so offline, of course. All you’ve to do is mailing the form to the office of the DMV. Better still, you can visit the office and present the way.

But if there’s no such thing as notarization in your state, go ahead and pay the required fee for the application online. Although the cost varies from one State to another, the maximum amount might be $20 or less depending on your location.

Apply through the mail

That is another option to explore when trying to get a title for your car. Do the following:

  • Visit the DMV office in your locality or check on the website of the your “State Department of Motor Vehicles” to apply for the title certificate. 
  • If you already have a valid identity card or any other proof of who you are, photocopy it. We may suggest some of the valid I.Ds, but your DMV office will offer the right information on that. So, check there and find out the acceptable ones.
  • Notarize the application if your state demands it in the process. But if not, there’s no need for that.
  • Fill a check for the application fee since you’re mailing it and not delivering in person. 
  • Makes sure you have provided all the necessary documents and mail it to the address you’ll find on the form. 

Applying through the mail is not hard, but make sure you include the cheque to cover the fee. That way, you’ll know that you’ve covered all the bases. 

Applying in Person

Here is another way to get a title for a car without a title. If you’re close or chanced to do it yourself, here’s what to do:
  • Visit the DMV office in your locality 
  • Collect the application form for acquiring a duplicate car title and fill all the necessary details they need. 
  • Once you’re through with the form filling, show your valid identification card or any other document as the state may require. 
  • If your state requires that every application of such nature be notarized, you can’t avoid it. So, approve it as soon as possible. 
  • After the processes above, pay the application fee, which varies from state to state.  


Many people are skeptical about cars that come with no title. We can’t fault them because it’s precarious to buy it. If you don’t act fast and get a title for it, the owner may come up one day and demand for his/her car. Don’t also forget that it’s difficult to sell vehicles without titles. Every person investing in a car would want to get the title for peace of mind. So, you can’t delay further in doing the right thing.

You’ve seen the simple process involved in getting a car title here. Go ahead and buy the one you want, even if it doesn’t have a title. Follow our guide to help you in the process.