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Road Accident Statistics In Ohio

Currently, there are about 113 000 miles of road in the state of Ohio, and about 10,500,000 cars and other wheeled vehicles travel along these roads all day long. This road stretch already includes the Lincoln Highway, which is the first east-west road to cross America. It prominently traverses across Ohio and links many towns and cities on its way. This was important to the development of the Buckeye state throughout the years.

Quite recently, a twenty-one year old woman was involved in a major car accident on the Ohio Turnpike, at mile post 172. The crash involved 16 vehicles near a single lane westbound construction site. According to witnesses, a squall occurred right before the crash. The whole scene was aggravated by the fact that there was heavy snow and low visibility on that day.

The scenario presented above is one thing that both motorists and the concerned government agencies should study and re-evaluate. They should look into the causes of the crash, and they should be ready for their investigation to lead them to often overlooked shortcomings and issues in some areas. Insights from this effort can surely help in preventing future accidents.

The importance of roads cannot be stressed enough. Because of this, it is important to learn about the dangers of driving along these roads so that all road users can be more careful in the future. In this article, we present the most common types of accidents or issues that occur on Ohio roads.

Fatal Accidents

According to data collected by the Ohio State Highway Patrol, around 1,057 fatal car accidents occurred this year (2019). This is about one hundred accidents less than the year before.

Although the significant decrease is an improvement that must be pointed out here, we still need to be wary of those unexpected events that lead to unfortunate outcomes. With the right preparation and knowledge, most car accidents can be avoided or mitigated.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol, for example, urges all drivers to buckle up their seat belts for their safety. This is very basic, but a lot of drivers and passengers tend to forget about this. Fastening seat belts should be automatic for those who drive or ride in cars regularly.

It can also help to drive cars with advanced safety features such as lane departure warnings, rear-view cameras, and automatic brakes. With these added functions, drivers will have more control over their surroundings and their behavior on the road.

Another good way of avoiding accidents is to refrain from driving when intoxicated. Substances like alcohol are considered psychoactive, which means that they have the capacity to alter a person’s consciousness and the way that they perceive reality. We all know just how important it is to be as focused as possible when on the road! One simple misperception or miscalculation of depth can lead to very dire consequences such as severe injuries or even death. Driving in itself is already challenging, just imagine how the challenge increases when substances meddle with the driver’s senses.

Injury Accidents

The total number of car accidents in Ohio last year was around 65,000, which is a thousand less than the year before. It is important to note that not all of these accidents resulted in injuries. Only around 19,000, or approximately 29% of the total accidents, resulted in injuries. This is relatively low, but this number is still very alarming.

If we were to look closely, the rate of injury accidents per total number of accidents is slowly rising. If we remain oblivious to changes in the road environment, which include the poor maintenance of the actual roads and the hazard signs that line them, the number of injuries and fatal accidents will continue to rise.

And the number of injured is something that we should always keep at zero or at least the minimum. Recovering from accident injuries brought about by car crashes is going to be physically painful, emotionally challenging, and costly. It affects not only the individuals themselves but also those in their immediate environment, which often are family members that may include children.

For drivers and passengers that are involved in a car crash, sites like are useful resources. These sites provide much needed guidance on what legal steps can be taken after the fact such as gathering of police reports and medical records, which will be very useful in filing claims as the case progresses in court.

Impaired driving

Another issue with road accident statistics in Ohio is the number of cases that involve driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, which are obviously very dangerous. The number of alcohol-related fatalities in Ohio last year was around 405, which is about twenty-five less than the year before. However, a look at the overall trend year after year shows that it is nonetheless increasing steadily.

The increase comes as attitude toward alcohol and (some) drug consumption among the youth is becoming more and more lenient. This does not mean to say, of course, that alcohol and some substances should be banned. The increase in the number of accidents that involve these psychoactive substances tell us that policies or at least how they are being implemented have to be re-evaluated. Too many people tend to cross the line, and they usually get away with it. This puts in danger not only themselves but also those who happen to drive or even just walk close to them.

Being able to drive along busy highways is a privilege and not a right. Everyone should be aware of the rules and regulations when it comes to driving. Now that there is a rising number of teenage drivers, it is important to pass on to them road safety lessons that help them become more effective on the road. This is not to be taken lightly, especially since being young and new to driving are often associated with risk-taking on the road. This behavior, of course, increases the possibility of getting involved in an accident.