Key Tech Features Incorporated in Mercedes-Benz Cars

Mercedes-Benz cars are manufactured with a lot of focus on the safety and comfort of the users. Even before the AMG Mercedes modification, every Mercedes-Benz model was always top-notch. Models like the Mercedes-Benz A-Class 4MATIC® have always been an improvement year in year out. The focus has always been to improve their performance and enable people to enjoy maximum comfort. Below are some of the new cool tech features that you will find in new cars.

Multiple Digital Display Options

Models like Mercedes-Benz E-Class 4MATIC® sedan and the S-Class have always stood out as the best sedans due to the typical display they have. With three types of digital displays, users are assured clear visuals that will promote their safety and entertainment while driving.

Three screen displays are available including the two 7-inch screens, a 7-inch screen in combination with a larger 10.25-inch or two 10.25-inch screens. The screens are meant to display the speed, fuel usage, and other indicators while another screen is for navigation and the infotainment system. AMG Mercedes has improved most of these features so if you go for their models, you will enjoy more compared to the standard models.

Mercedes-Benz User Experience Infotainment System

Besides being able to connect to Apple and Android phones, this infotainment system is equipped with an artificial intelligence giving it the ability to handle things like the human brain. It uses a voice recognition feature that obeys commands that start with the phrase “Hey Mercedes”, ‘’Can you do this for me?’’ It is an impressive feature that simplifies driving and ensures maximum convenience while driving.

Semi-Autonomous Driving Feature

Most modern and latest Mercedes-Benz of Music City Cars are equipped with advanced camera and radar systems. They can detect up to 500m ahead of the road. With the optional Driving Assistance Package, you can let the car partially drive you. Some of the features in the package include steering assist, speed limit assist, blind spot assist, lane change assist, and lane-keeping assist. Emergency braking is also one of the most treasured features.

Easy Parking Assist

The advanced artificial intelligence system incorporated in the Mercedes-Benz has truly revolutionized the practicality and reliability of the cars. In a tight parking area, the car checks for parking and identifies the place where it can comfortably fit.

Once the car knows that the place is sufficient, it can maneuver itself until it enters into the required position. Remember, all this time the car parks itself while you are doing your personal things like chatting, making a phone call or any other kind of activity that you wouldn’t normally do while driving.


Every Mercedes-Benz car advances each year making it more user-friendly and wonderful to drive. If you go for the AMG Mercedes, you will be thrilled with the myriad of luxurious features that come along with these cars. From designing, tech features to safety features, you will always feel proud of owning such a noble brand. Tech is always advancing so whatever you see rocking now may be a thing of the past tomorrow.