How To Add Horsepower to a Car – 9 Awesome Ways

The power of your car, counted in horsepower, determines its performance. This is one of the most important parameters to pay attention to when purchasing a car. How do you increase your engine’s power and dynamics? In this article, we present 9 ways to do it!

Chip tuning with ECU drivers

Chip tuning is a method of electronic engine tuning. It involves modifying the software that controls the engine in such a way as to take advantage of its unused capabilities.

The ECU (Engine Control Unit) is a device that manages the operation of the engine. Chip tuning involves the use of software which introduces changes in such parameters as the fuel dose, injection angle, turbocharging pressure, and the fuel injection pressure. More information about this process can be found on the website of one of the most experienced specialists in this field:

Electronic tuning using an external module

Another method of electronic tuning is to use an external module. In this way, the size of the fuel dose can be modified.

The advantage of this solution is the lack of visible interference, which may be important for cars under warranty. Modules are, however, assigned to a specific engine model, not the car, which makes it impossible to tune individually.

SWAP – engine replacement

Swapping an engine is a way to mechanically tune the car’s power. It consists in exchanging the engine with a unit that has better parameters. It is the cheapest and most popular method of mechanical tuning.

Increase the engine power with a conical filter

The filter is an element of the car’s intake system. The task of this system is to provide air to the combustion chamber of the engine, and the filter is its narrowest element. Replacing the cone inlet leads to accelerating the momentum of air and high flow, which in turn significantly increases the power and torque of the engine.

Replacing the intake pipes to increase power

Tuning enthusiasts also exchange the intake pipes. Plastic pipes are exchanges for metal ones, which are completely smooth inside and have a much larger diameter.

Exhaust system

The exhaust system is primarily responsible for the discharge of exhaust gases from the engine and their filtering. Replacing exhaust pipes with wider ones results in faster exhaust discharge, which in turn has a positive effect on the car’s performance. Do your research on to get a quick summary of the exhaust system and how reliable the exhaust is.


The turbine is used for the induction of the engine. Increasing the car’s power can be obtained by replacing the turbine with a larger one, if the car is already equipped with it, or installing it in models not equipped with this element.

Nitrous oxide

To obtain a high engine efficiency, a mixture of fuel and oxygen in the right proportions is needed. Injecting nitrous oxide into the cylinder causes its separation into oxygen and nitrogen, and as a result, even a 40-50% increase in power!

Spark plugs

When tuning the engine, its parameters change, which requires adjusting the spark plugs. Specialists recommend to verify the thermal values of the spark plugs when the power increase reaches about 20%.

Bottom line

Now you know how to increase horsepower in your car. Remember, that every change in the engine should be done in a professional workshop to ensure safety to you and other road users.