6 Car Problems You Can Diagnose and Fix Yourself – 2021 Guide

The world we live and reside in today belongs to advancement and technology. Transportation is one of the most important modes when it comes to economic growth as well as globalization. In olden times, people used to travel from one place to the other via railways, cartridges, and or carts. As the world advanced, so did the sector of transportation.

Nowadays, the latest cars have taken the world by storm. I mean, you will not see a single person who does not own a car.

If you live in a populous area, owning a car is very important. The reason behind this is the fact that public transport will only bring you backaches and headaches.

Along with this fact, owning a car also gives a sense of superiority, a sense of satisfaction, and a sense of contentment. Being an owner of an automobile, it gives you the control, the power, and the authority to manage it and drive it the way you want to.

However, if you do not have sufficient knowledge about this machine, you are in deep waters then. The first step to owning anything is having enough information about it. When it comes to this automobile, if it malfunctions in the middle of nowhere, you must know the simple and general problems that might erupt while driving the car. In this exact same way, is here to tell you everything you need to know about this automobile.

Without further ado, let us get right into the topic. Down below are written 6 car problems that you can diagnose and fix yourself. Fasten your seatbelts so that we dive right into the car world!

1. Car not starting when switched on

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Let us suppose that you just stepped into your car, ignited the switch but the car didn’t start. A problem? I guess yes. Why did the car not start? Has something been damaged from the inside? Did I start the car the wrong way?

Million more questions just like this would illuminate your mind and would force you to improvise a solution. You need to overthink or fret about it. We are here to enlighten you with the solutions as well. The following two points must be inspected while searching for a solution related to your machine not starting up:

Are the battery terminals loose?

The first thing you need to see is the battery terminals. If they are not tightly gripped, your car won’t spark up. In order to experience a smooth start-up, make sure that the battery terminals of the car are not loosely linked with each other.

Physical inspection of any disconnected wire.

Before igniting your motor, have a physical inspection of all the wires and make sure that all of them are placed in their right positions. Then and only then will you experience a smooth start-up of your car.

2. Engine heated up

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At times when you ignite your motor, you will feel that your engine is heated up. With that happening, you will face extreme difficulty in starting your engine. To avoid this, the following precautions must be taken:

  • Check radiator water
  • Check whether the radiator water is at the appropriate level or not.
  • Check radiator fan whether working or not

Also, one must make sure that the radiator fan is working perfectly fine as well in order to start the engine smoothly. For more information, visit

Check engine/mobile oil level

If your mobile level is low, your car won’t start. Therefore, you need to make sure that your oil level is up to the mark.

3. Car vibrates

If your car vibrates when you ignite the switch, that is a problem. No one would want to be disturbed by these vibrations. In order to eradicate this tension, the following step must be taken:

Check wheels balancing

If your wheels aren’t balanced, that is the main problem of your automobile vibrating. Get your wheels checked or if you can do that yourself, inspect before your start the motor to experience a smoother ride.

4. Fuel average is poor

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Let us suppose that your car used to give you an average of 16 to 17 kilometers in the city. A pretty excellent average, right? Well, to your bad luck it now gives you 10 to 12 kilometers. Now that is a problem one must deal with priority. The solution to it is described below:

Get the vehicle checked for tuning

The only way to increase your fuel average is to get your vehicle checked for tuning and maintenance. By doing so, every little issue that you might face will be removed within no time.

5. Brakes not working

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Brakes aren’t working? This thing will put you in grave danger, without a doubt. If your brakes fail at one point, you will be at the risk of even losing your life. One must always make sure that the brakes are working perfectly fine. For that to happen, you need to take the following precaution:

Check brake oil

If your brake oil level is not how it should be, your brakes won’t work. Therefore, one must check whether the brake oil is sufficient for the drive or not. This will result in a smoother ride.

6. Gear shifting is not smooth

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While driving, if you feel like your gear shifting is not smooth, that is also a problem. You diagnose the problem and worry not, we shall tell you how to fix it. The solution is written below:

Check gear oil level

Just like brake oil, gear oil is also extremely important when it comes to a safer ride. Before embarking on your journey, check the gear level. If it is not how it should be, make sure to do the needful. Make sure that the gear oil is ample enough to assist you on your glossy and even journey.

Our Final Verdict

The aforementioned car problems are easy to diagnose and easy to fix. I hope that you found the article informative. Always here to assist you in every way possible. Of course being able to maintain your vehicle’s health is going to mean you will keep the value of the car as well. When it comes to selling your vehicle, you’ll be able to make more money due to good health. To learn more about selling your car click here.