A New Wave in Automotive Technology – Hybrid & Electric

In the digital era that we live in, there is no surprise in the fact that the development of energy-efficient technology for the automotive industry is moving at a very rapid pace. Like any other thing nowadays, these kinds of cars come in different shapes and sizes, but the real choice is between hybrid and […]


What Is Backlash In Engineering?

When referring to mechanical engineering, backlash is defined as being lost motion or clearance present in a mechanism. It is also known as play or lash and appears due to gaps present between utilized parts. Simply put, the maximum angle or difference through which the part in the mechanical system can be moved in a […]


5 Things You Should Do To Avoid a Car Accident

Once you get behind the wheel of a vehicle you’re responsible for protecting yourself, those riding with you, and other motorists and pedestrians roaming the streets around you. We all need to watch out for each other to reduce the number of car accidents that occur. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), road traffic […]