Discover the Incredible Story of Frank Williams

F1 racing has seen incredible stars over its many decades of existence. Talented drivers from all over battle against each other in this high speed sport, and evolved as much as the technology and regulations have. The sport is now much different that it was, but amazing people and legends still come and go.

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What To Do When You Damage Your Car Keys

In the hurry of handling different tasks simultaneously our focus drops and we all make silly mistakes we don’t want everybody to know about. It happens to everyone that they lose their car keys and they just cannot find them anywhere. First, there is no shame in this because it happens regularly, and be sure […]

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Essential Security Measures On Racing Cars

Some people trade safety for convenience when driving their vehicles. Sometimes, they may choose to forego the use of seat belts or helmets even when driving on a busy road. However, if you’d be joining NASCAR or Formula One Grand Prix, these security measures couldn’t be ignored given the fact that you’d be driving at […]


Is Tracking Car with GPS Worth It? 

GPS tracker have come a long was from exclusive and high-end equipment to today’s models pretty much everyone can afford. There was time when they were reserved for the most expensive cars, but today you can retrofit one on any car and at a fraction of the cost of those early models. With such low […]