What Does The Mark On The Car Engine Represent?

Those marks on the car engine represent the engine number of your vehicle. The chassis and engine numbers are a series of numbers that hold great importance for your car. They are those hard to find numbers located on the engine of your vehicle that tells a bigger picture than you might think.

What does the engine number mean?

The engine number tells a few things to any car owner. Namely, the most important one is that it ensures efficient vehicle maintenance. The engine number provides vital information about the make, date, and version of the engine. This is very important as anytime you take your car for maintenance, the mechanic will know the engine specifications. The engine number consists of 14 digits. The first three digits tell us the engine model.  The next three digits describe the engine version.

For example 127.981 means that 127 is the engine model (230 SL) and 981 means that the model is a W113.

The next two digits can be found on your VIN, and they can mean a few things.

The 7th digit can be eighter the number 1 or the number 2. The number 1 means left-hand drive, and the number 2 means right-hand drive.

The 8th digit in the sequence can be eighter 0 or 2. The number 0 means manual transmission and the number 2 means automatic transmission.

The last 6 digits of the engine number are sequential by transmission type; they are separate for manual and automatic. To better understand why it’s important to know the engine number, click here.

How do you find the engine number?

The engine number is not part of your vehicles VIN number, and it can be rather tricky to find if cars are not your passion. For finding the engine number, you will need to open the hood and check the engine body for the number itself. This doesn’t sound too hard; however, this number can sometimes be located in some tricky areas where there is little access. However, this is not often the case.

This number can be found on a sticker, although not always the case, and placed somewhere that should be easy to read.

Another way to find the engine number is to check your vehicle’s manual or look for the number online. Your vehicle’s’ manual might hold information about your engine number, but don’t rely on this as there have been many cases where the vehicle’s manual tells nothing on the matter. Another important thing to understand is that the engine number will be different if the engine has been replaced.

Looking online for help can also bring positive results only if you know the specific make of your engine along with the manufacturer.

Why it’s important to know the engine number?

It’s important to know the engine number in the case of car theft. As car theft is not something unusual, knowing the engine number can greatly help you if your car has been stolen. Furthermore, the engine number can help you in the case of not acquiring stolen goods.