Spring Car Service & Maintenance Checklist – 2021 Guide

Every car owner tends to upgrade, fix, or replace parts of his vehicle actively. People are doing that because of the two different reasons. The first reason why they are doing that is security. They want to ensure that they and other passengers are completely safe during the drive.

Yet, the second reason is more important because it has sentimental value. It doesn’t matter if you are a car enthusiast or not. People get used to their car and become emotionally connected quite quickly. We can compare this with getting a dog or cat. Even if you do not like pets, you will start loving them soon. Car lovers also consider their vehicle is a member of the family. If you are one of those people, then you should know that moment for the spring car maintenance came.

Indeed, doing certain upgrades requires spending a certain amount of money. Still, most of the drivers are prepared for that. They are willing to sacrifice some other things to make their look and work amazing. Despite that, winters and cold weather usually harm our vehicles. This especially counts if the previous winter was rough. There are surely certain things that you must upgrade or change.

It happens all the time that people forget to fix/improve something. However, when they realized they forgot, it can be too late. Because of that, it is important to make a spring car service & maintenance checklist. In this way, you will be sure that you did not forget anything.

Enough talking; let’s write down that checklist together.

Tire Pressure

Wildly high and low temperatures always harm the vehicle that we drive. One of the things that you must check is the air pressure in the tires. At first glance, everything might look fine. However, you can’t count on that because things are sometimes not visible enough.

Indeed, buying new tires is expensive and not everyone can invest that immediately. However, tire pressure gauges are something we can all afford. Besides, the process of checking tire pressure is not complex at all. Leave your car parked for a couple of hours. After 3 or 4 hours, check its manual for the PSI that should register on the gauge. In case you realize there is a low reading, it is the right moment to visit the nearest gas station.

Tire Treads

Checking the tire treads is also one of the things that should be on your spring car maintenance checklist. It often happens that the car’s tires take a beating because of the potholes, sand, salt, and sand and sheer cold of the winter. Checking this is not tough at all.

The only “piece of equipment” that you need to have is a single penny. If “Lincoln’s head” is still visible when you insert the penny, it is the right time to replace the tire. Many drivers get nervous because they need to spend unexpectedly a certain amount of money. Yet, you need to be sure that you are completely safe when driving. This investment is something you mustn’t skip.

Change Your Oil

Many drivers avoid changing their oil because of various reasons. Yet, they are doing that because they do not know the consequences of not changing it. It might happen that the oil somehow causes damage to the engine.

You know that fixing this problem can cost you a fortune. However, changing oil is affordable and we should practice it once in three months. Of course, if you are a passionate driver, then changing the oil after every 3000 miles that you pass would be a smarter choice.

Check Your Oil Seals

We will continue in the same manner. Checking the oil seals is the unskippable part of the spring car maintenance. This part of the car is used for a wide range of sealing applications in housings and gearboxes. Their purpose is to prevent the leakage of non-pressure greases and fluids. In other words, you need to ensure that your oil seals are fine.

Because of its importance, you must find the oil seals that will satisfy your expectations and requirements. Fortunately, there are many importer and manufacturer companies like Sin Thye Loke Oil Seals that will satisfy your needs. It is recommendable that you visit their website and see which products they offer.

Change the Air Filters

People usually pass a lot of miles during the winter. Logically, it is cold out there and it is hard to go for a walk a lot. We do not know how old your air filters exactly are, but changing them is something you should put into consideration. For instance, if you passed more than 15 thousand miles, it would be a smart move to replace them.

We had to highlight this car part because most of the drivers forget about it. If they work properly, the engine of your vehicle will be protected from dirt and other debris. Bad air filters will restrict airflow which leads to bigger usage of the oil. Spending more time on oil all the time can be expensive. However, replacing air filters is an inexpensive move. You probably won’t have to spend more than 100 dollars.

Dents and Paint Damage

Well, you do not have to wait for the spring to fix the dent and paint damage. Yet, this sort of problem usually comes during the winter. Indeed, there is no need to do that before the end of the winter. There is a big chance you will have to repeat the same process once again.

Anyway, small chips and digs are something that most of the drivers ignore. Still, did you know that chipped paint can lead to rust? The rust can have a negative impact on the frame and other similar things.

Despite that, older cars can have the chance to look fresh once again. There are certain rules that you need to follow when fixing paint damage. You need to be sure that the new color of your car is matched with your style.

Do not experiment with things too much because your car can start looking silly if you make a mistake. Indeed, this problem is easily solvable. However, why would you do the same thing twice just because of the experiment? Determine carefully which color would be perfect before you even ask for this service.