How to Take Proper Care of Your Car

If you had a car while still living with your parents, chances are your parents took care of it. But now you’re on your own and you need to take proper care of it yourself. 

Now that you own your very own car, it becomes your responsibility. But lots of people have no idea how to take proper maintenance of their cars, which ultimately results in unwanted difficulties or severe brake down. 

This article will provide a general guide on the most important things that make up care maintenance. Stick around as this article will point out some key maintenance tips for you to take note of. 

1.   Clean Both the Inside and Outside Of Your Car Each Month

Keeping a car clean is the same as keeping your house clean. No one wants to step inside a filthy room, and no one wants to be inside a dirty car. The best way to clean the exterior and interior of your car is a more complex thought.

A vacuum cleaner is best for the inside of the car, while a sponge and a good ol’ hose are best for the exterior. There is other stuff such as cleaning solutions and solutions for the tires, so make sure you do your research on it.

2.   Find Your Car Owner Manual

A lot of people think that taking care of your car involves stuff such as cleaning, oil change, and other similar stuff. And while they are an integral part of it, your car owner manual is a very important piece of paper that holds vital information related to your car.

Virtually anything can be found on the car owner manual. For gizmo instructions to setup instructions, to how to check and refill fluids, oil change and gas grade, every answer to your questions can be found in it. If you’ve lost your car owner manual, then make sure to head over to to grad a free copy of your specific car type.

3.   Oil Change

Another one that points out to the technical part of car maintenance, an oil change is recommended regularly. Every carmaker will say different things on the aspect of oil change, but everyone will agree on the fact that it needs to be changed regularly.

If you’re not too experienced on the subject, a good solution to use would be Mobil 1. Furthermore, if you have no idea how to change your oil, then an easier solution would be to have it replaced at a shop as opposed to doing it yourself. 

An oil change is very important as fresh oil lubricates your engine and stops it from degradation. A general rule of thumb would be to change the oil every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. 

4.   Replace Brake Pads

Keeping your car in peak condition cannot be done without you having the brakes checked out by a professional. This is very important as neglecting them could eventually lead to your brake rotors failing.

This can oftentimes result in $600 worth of replacements, so it’s best you act in advance. Furthermore, this is a matter of safety, as brakes tend to worsen through time and usage.