How to Protect Your Supercar Outside the Garage?

Owning a supercar comes with plenty of responsibilities. Purchasing an exotic car means that you’ll spend plenty of money on it. Hence, you will probably do everything in your power to protect your vehicle so it can last longer and look great. The last thing you want to happen is to wake up one day and see that your supercar has suffered some kind of damage. To make things easier for you, we’ve decided to list some tips on how you can protect your car outside the garage. Follow these tips and keep your luxurious car in super condition.

Protect It from Bad Weather

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If you are keeping your supercar parked outside the garage very often, you must be aware that there might happen some bad weather elements which can negatively affect your car. Thus, bad weather is one of the biggest hazards for your expensive car.

To protect your car from hail, tree branches knocked from wind, or the salt on the road, there are certain things you can do. So, if it’s somehow possible for you, try installing metal carports. These structures are can be easily built on your property and will help to protect your car while it’s parked.

However, if metal carports don’t work for you, you should get a cover for your car. The car covers from will help you protect your supercar from minor weather conditions like rain and snow, as well as, from debris in the wind. Hence, these covers are great for keeping your car safe against the more minor weather conditions.

Nevertheless, it can be quite challenging to protect your supercar in the winter. So, if you’re planning to keep your car outside of your garage during the cold winter months, there are certain things you need to know. So, you should:

  • Use fuel stabilizer
  • Perform an oil change
  • Lubricate important chassis points
  • Control your coolant protection level
  • Care properly for your battery
  • Cover exhausts and intake boxes

Get a Good Coat of Wax

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If you want to protect your car from minor scratches or scrapes, you should definitely get a good coat of wax. This means that you’ll need to purchase some high-quality wax and apply it yourself. However, if you want a more professional touch, take visit your supercar to a professional detailer who will apply the wax properly.

Get Your Supercar Insured

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Purchasing a supercar isn’t the only responsibility you have, but you’ll also need to insure it. You can never know whether some harm could come to your car. Thus, to protect your exotic car everything unwanted, you should get it insured. So, if something happens, the insurance will cover the costs and you won’t have to break your bank.

Protect Your Supercar from the Sun

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If your supercar sits in the sun, you might face a number of sun damage instances, such as fading and cracking. Therefore, if you want to protect your exotic car from the sun, dew, grit, pollen and minor impacts, you should definitely invest in a good car cover. Car covers from are high-quality and fitted covers are your car’s garage you can roll up into a ball. Additionally, you can also invest in a window tint, a window shade, or UV protectants.