5 Main Reasons to Have Your Car Regularly Detailed – 2021 Guide

Many people claim that having your car regularly detailed is very important to extend its lifespan and there are some good arguments why that is. Keep reading to find out those arguments.

These days, in this modern type of life, owning any kind of vehicle is a must. Some would even say that without one is a handicap. Sure, public transport can do the job sometimes, but is it reliable enough? What happens when you are late for work in the morning or when there aren’t any scheduled public transports late at night?

It is becoming obvious that owning a car is a necessity, but you should also be aware of the required maintenance with it. Oil changes, checking the tire pressure, and keeping it clean are some of the essential maintenance tasks you will need to do every couple of months. But, when it comes to cleaning, it is not just about running it once a month through the automatic car wash. Sure, it is a great way to keep it shiny and to maintain its paint, but the interior is just as important.

The best way to ensure that both the exterior and interior are in a pristine state, you will need to consider car detailing services.

1. Making the investment long-term

We all know that purchasing a vehicle is not cheap. Whether it is second hand or brand new from a salon, it will cost you at least several thousand dollars. It is the type of investment that you will have to consider for at least a couple of months. It is something that you will keep for the next several years after purchasing it. This is why it is important to do your research first before making any kind of decision.

Assuming that you have given a lot of thought on this investment, you should also invest a lot of your free time to maintain its value as best as you can. This means that you will need to provide it with regular maintenance.  Change the oil every 1500 to 2000 miles, take it to your local mechanic for a quick analysis every half a year and do detailing at least once in two or three months.

It is not just about keeping the machine in good condition. You should also take care of its looks too. The longer you keep its look in a good shape, the slower its value is going to drop.

2. Get rid of that odor

Every car I have owned in the past had one certain odor that wouldn’t go away no matter what I would do. Spraying the floor mats with a water hose did nothing, wiping down the seat with alcoholic wipes also made no difference until I took it for proper cleaning. Once they did the detailing, the odor was immediately gone. So, if you have noticed a strange smell every day when you get into your car, I would suggest this solution that worked for me.

According to many companies that are involved in detailing services such as, they believe that the only way to deal with food/drink spill odors is through thorough cleaning. A regular car wash won’t be able to do anything for a problem like this.

3. Resale value

Like I already mentioned, maintain the look of your vehicle is very important. There are two reasons why you should care about the aesthetics of your car. The first reason is that no one likes driving a car that doesn’t look good, right? Especially if it was beautiful in the past, right? Why would you let the paint get ruined and bring it to such an ugly state?

So, do it for yourself. Keep it in a pristine shape every few months by taking it for detailing. That is one reason. The other is because you will maintain its resale value. The cleaner it looks, the higher its value will stay when looking to sell it.

Would you ever buy a second-hand car that looks beat up with rust on it? I think I guess that you wouldn’t. And if you did, you would probably settle for just a fraction of the real price.

4. Improve your comfort

Did you know that by leaving your car for detailing, the company will ensure that every nook and cranny of the interior will be thoroughly cleaned? The pricing might seem a bit more expensive when compared to a regular wash, but considering the benefits of it, it is definitely worth it.

Believe me, you will feel a lot more comfortable in your car once it has been thoroughly clean. Sitting next to a dusty dashboard, floor mats filled with all kinds of dirt and garbage is an awful experience and an unhealthy one too. If you want to ensure that you and your family are in a healthy environment, you must clean everything inside at least once in two or three months.

5. Keeps your tires in good shape too

Who would have thought that keeping your vehicle clean once in a while will actually improve the lifetime of your tires too? I sure didn’t. But, yes thorough cleaning may actually keep your tires in a good state. Constantly having all kinds of dirt, dust, and gunk on the wheels and the rims will ensure that the rubber maintains its quality. Tiny rocks and dirt may cause cracks in the rubber over time which might ultimately lead to a flat tire or even a worse problem.

Another reason why detailing might be good for your tires is that most companies will apply a special tire dressing to give it a shine and a protective coating. This coating will keep it cleaner for a longer time and will also block UV lights.

I believe that all of these reasons I mentioned above are more than enough to convince you that detailing services are a must for every car owner. Investing a couple of dollars more and time every two months will be worth it.