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How Did Formula 1 Get Its Name? – And What Formula 1 Means?

If you call yourself a motorsport fan and if you love watching Formula 1 you should know something about the history of this sport. How well do you know it? Perhaps naming several drivers from the past is not that beautiful but do you know why Formula 1 got the name that it carries to […]

Facts Formula 1

F1 Drivers With Interesting Career Choices

Long before winning 20 Grands Prix, with McLaren, Lotus and Ferrari, and most notably the 2007 World Championship, Kimi Raikkonen started his pro racing career with a humble F1 Team called Sauber, back in 2001. He was with the team for just a season, but he impressed with good results, after which he was taken […]

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The Monaco Style – How F1 Drivers Live?

It is not a secret that Formula One drivers earn a lot of money. But they spend the dough either. If you ever wondered how it is like to be a successful F1 driver off the track now is the chance to see what their lives look like. Only the most famous names are included […]

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The Worst F1 Teams in the History of the Sport

Debates concerning the best F1 teams always bring out various opinions and cause intense arguments. Some are underestimated and some are overestimated, while others are forgotten completely. One can be sure though that the same things happen when the discussion is about the worst teams in the history of the super speed sport. Not everyone […]

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Top 10 Funniest F1 Moments Ever

F1 is a serious sport and during the race, nobody should joke around because one mistake could be deadly. However, plenty of things are taking place when the cameras are not on, during the press conferences, in one team and after some digging, you would realize that there are some hilarious moments in the F1 […]