Prepare Your Car for Sale – Useful Tips for Getting the Best Price

No matter if you decide to trade in your car for another model or sell it to a private individual, the most important thing in making sure you get a fair price for your vehicle is preparing it before the big sale. A clean car not only attracts buyers, but also sends the message that […]


Why You Need To Keep Vehicle Maintenance Log

A well made and well-written maintenance log for your vehicle can save you thousands of dollars each year. A maintenance log will take care of any problems before they escalate into major ones. Maintaining your vehicle in top condition also suggests that you can retain the resale value of your vehicle. This means that you […]


What to Do Before Shipping Your Vehicle

While looking into new opportunities, there are times you may require professional car transportation services – especially if you are moving across the state or country. The auto transport firm does not drive your vehicle; instead, they load it onto a carrying truck. In order for your car to arrive in top condition, it’s critical […]

Cars Funny

Worlds Most Unusual Car Conversions

You see some funny looking cars possibly every day. Some are mistakes of big companies who gravely mistaken with their calculations and others are just simple funny on purpose. However, we are going to present you with something that is going to fill your mind with some truly extraordinary things.


5 Most Common Repairs for Toyota Corolla

Since it was first introduced in the U.S. more than four decades ago, the Toyota Corolla has earned a reputation as one of the most reliable, economical cars on the road. Although it’s renowned for its resale value and low cost of ownership, the Corolla has had its share of issues. From 1997, Toyota Corolla […]


Protecting That Custom Paint Job

One thing that keeps troubling car/truck owners once they get that new custom paint job is how to maintain that neat look. Many auto cosmetic enthusiasts have invested in costly custom paint design only to be left frustrated a few months down the road, due to various factors that dampen their cars’ appearances.