7 Tips for Keeping Your Car's Interior in Top Condition

7 Tips for Keeping Your Car’s Interior in Top Condition

If you want to keep your car brand new for long then, mere washing and waxing is not enough. We often neglect the interior and focus on the exterior. As a result, your car smells bad and acquires dust.

So it is the time to concentrate on your car’s cabin and floor. Here are a few tips that will help you Ajdkeep the Car’s Interior in top condition:

1. Clean the Seat Covers

Seat covers are made of different types of material like cloth, leather and vinyl. So the cleaning process varies according to the material of the seat cover.

2. Leather Seats:

For example, if you want to clean the leather, take a soft brush, towel or weather cleaning sprays. After washing it deeply, dry it with a microfiber piece of cloth.

3. Vinyl Seats:

Vinyl Seats
Source: shearcomfort.com

Compared to leather seat covers, vinyl seats are simpler to keep clean. For this material, you can use common household upholstery cleaners or glass cleaners. To prepare a surface for usage, spray some liquid on it, then wipe it clean twice with dry cloth after the first time.

4. Fabric Seats:

If your seat covers are made of fabric, you can properly wash them to get rid of any odour and filth. Scrub the fabric seat cover with any home soap and water while dampening a foam sponge. Say hello to your brand-new-looking car seats by wiping them down with a dry cloth twice or three times after washing the seat.

5. Vacuum the Car’s Interior

Utilising a hoover to clean your car’s inside is simple. An Alby brush, a round bristle brush and some crevice tools are the only accessories you require, along with a portable or handheld vacuum.

The carpet behind the seat, centre console sections and seats may all be cleaned with a hoover. If you want to service you vehicle visit Classic Elite.

First, clean the control taking surfaces by attaching a round-bristle brush to the vacuum. To clean these narrow areas if you don’t have a round bristle brush, use crevice tools.

The car’s carpets, floor mats, and seats may all be cleaned with the same technique. To remove debris from the crevices while washing the seats, you will need a narrow hose or tool.

6. Use Air Freshener

The odour from soaked carpets, smoke and pets is a common problem for car owners. Fortunately, there are plenty of options in the air fresheners. It can remove unpleasant smells and create a fresh environment in your car.

But if the odour is really strong you can use odour absorbers, mild scents, bamboo charcoal bags and neutralizers.

7. Floor Mats

Some cars do not have floor mats. Invest in floor mats because it protects the car from muds , water and other kinds of dirt. Floor mats are water proof so you do not need to worry about liquids.

Whenever you are cleaning or vacuuming the car wash the floor mats as well. It will remove the unpleasant smell.

8. Polish the Interior

Polish the Interior
Source: autoexpress.co.uk

Polishing your car’s interior will build a layer of protection and it will also give shine and sparkle. You can use leather conditioners to maintain the spark and lustre of your car.

9. Clean the Dirt at the Spot

It happens sometimes that you spill beverages or through snacks in your car. So immediately clean the spill otherwise it will stick.

To keep your car’s interior in top condition you need to clean any sort of dirt quickly. It will increase the life of your car’s engine. Keep a scrub and cleaning spray in the car.

10. Clean Interior Windows

In order to clean the interior windows use a window cleaning spray or use can create solution by yourself ( mix vinegar and rubbing alcohol in one cup water) before you start cleaning remove the dirt from window with a microfiber cloth and then apply the cleaning spray after that clean it with paper or microfiber piece of cloth.

And speed up the drying and prevent condensation, roll down the window or open the door for some time. Regular cleaning or windows will provide clear visibility.


Keeping the car’s interior clean will create a fresh environment , reduce the dust and enhance the experience of driving. And also it will help the car’s engine to run smoothly for a long time.