Top 6 Affordable Anti-corona Hepa Car Air Purifiers

Owning air purifiers has become a necessity now, owing to the increase in air pollution in metropolitan cities and dusty roads in the countryside. If it is not filtered and purified, pollutants from the vehicle and industrial emissions could lead to a person developing respiratory disorders and pose harm to those who already have breathing issues. Click here to know about car dealers who provide new and used cars in their best condition when it comes to air conditioning and purifying.

There is an additional issue about the rising coronavirus concerns that one needs to be cautious about while travelling outside. This is where the High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestor or HEPA car air purifiers come in. HEPA purifiers use an exceptional three-stage filtration system to eliminate 99% of the pollutants, gases, and fine particles from the air as it enters the car. HEPA filters are highly efficient and capture various pollutants like bacteria, dirt, dust, moisture, and other allergens. These filters are a randomly arranged composition of fibres. When small particles pass due to airflow in the vehicle, these filters act like a sieve and the smallest particles are filtered out to deliver fresh air.

Here is a list of the top 6 affordable HEPA car air purifiers that can help withhold the pollutants, the dust and the coronavirus.

1. Bolani Car Air Purifier


This is a portable air purifier that can be transferred from cars to desks and small bedrooms. It has a compact build and can fit inside a cup holder of a car. It is equipped with an anti-bacterial filter and a primary filter along with the HEPA filter that ensures that the air is properly filtered before it enters the cabin. It also has a sponge aroma pad, making it an ioniser, and it comes with three fan speed settings. This product also filters air at noise levels lesser than 40 db providing comfortable air filtration without disturbance to the passengers. It has a high rate of efficiency when it comes to purifying air and as such is an excellent product preferred by many individuals in today’s scenario.

2. Vantro Smart Car Air Purifier


This HEPA air purifier has the most modern design as it comes with a digital display, a touchscreen, and a colourful LED light. It is compact with a bottle-like design and can fit easily in a car cup holder. The 360 degree filter makes purifying air a breeze. It reduces the risk of pulmonary diseases like asthma, wheezing, and other medical conditions. The aluminium alloy metal combined with the strong motor ensure that the product has high levels of purifying concentration to ensure clean air in the car. It comes with an activated carbon filter and a filter screen, along with features like three fan speeds, a display for humidity and temperature and a USB charging socket. The premium finish makes it look stylish and blend with any car interior.

3. Eureka Forbes Aeroguard Auto 10X Air Purifier


This HEPA air purifier comes with a Maximum Filtration technology, including a semi-permanent ceramic filter that ensures sterilisation of air and removal of micro dust, smoke and odour. The five-stage filtration with a HEPA, activated carbon, UV filter, pre-filter, and a photocatalyst filter ensures that the air that enters the car is fresh, pure and pollutant-free. This purifier has been certified by the Asthma Society of India and has a great aesthetic design along with intelligent technology and powerful performance.

4. Blueair Cabin P2i HEPA Air Purifier


This is one of the best car air purifier options with air quality filter indicators, Bluetooth-enabled control, and integrated air quality sensors. The air monitoring technology makes it an excellent instrument to constantly check the levels of pollutants in the surrounding. As such, the state-of-the-art infrastructure makes it an exquisite product. Its simple build makes it discrete and enables it to blend in with the looks of the car. It contains activated charcoal and a PM2.5 filter, which filters out tiny particles and their odour. The quality, build, and additional features like a clean design make it a great high-end option for mid-range and premium cars. There is a high appeal for these purifiers due to the futuristic design and the technology used.

5. Honeywell Move Pure2 Car Air Purifier


This compact air purifier comes with a velcro length cord LED display that shows the pollution reading. It contains a HEPA filter and a PM2.5 filter that can remove any fine dust or other pollutants and have a life of 360 long hours. It is also equipped with a double-layered carbon filter that removes the odour from the pollutants, smoke and cigarette residue. Additionally, it has two fans with two speeds instead of one, allowing the air purifier to clean the car in 10 minutes. It provides a replacement filter indicator, and the replacement is DIY. Therefore, even though the price is on the higher side, the features make it worth a great buy to ensure maximum safety of the owners and their family and friends.

6. Nebelr Car Air Purifier Ionizer


This air purifier uses ion generators to ensure that harmful dust like PM10 and PM2.5 and bacteria and viruses are filtered out. This technology neutralises the harmful, positive ions and protects those who suffer from sneezing, allergies, cold, fever, irritation and coughs. The ionisers provide equal if not more protection as compared to the purifiers with HEPA filters. This is a simple and portable device with a single-button operation and a USB port. It ensures health and a euphoric aroma in the car.

Other honourable mentions in air purifiers with HEPA filters are the SHARP FP-JC2M-B Car Air Purifier, PranaVital Smart Multi-functional Car Air Purifier and the Woscher Air Purifier. While the purifiers mentioned above are elegant and function well, one needs to ensure that the purifier they choose is appropriate.